I’m already bad at updating this

Already finding myself not updating this as much as If like to.
Nevertheless, here’s a few cat tats from the past week.




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2013 RFT Best of St. Louis

Proud to announce that All Star Tattoo won “Best Tattoo Parlor” this year in the River Front Times (local saint louis newspaper).

Every year we hand paint a double page ad for the center of it, and I was lucky enough to lend a helping hand to a good friend/ co-worker of mine Kasper and paint this years submission.


Fun stuff!

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Memphis Convention!

October 18-20 I will be doing the first annual Memphis Tattoo Arts Convention. I’ll be sharing a double booth with Omar from Trader Bob’s and Chris & Jesse From It’s Just A Little Prick Tattoo in Decatur , IL.

Feel free to contact any of us for appointments or just walk up during the show and get something rad!


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No-electricity productivity

Totally forgot that there was a planned power outage for my apartment building while they move it to a new grid tonight.
I had planned on painting a bit tonight, and the lights totally shut off while I was about to start. A power outage didn’t put a damper on the nights plans though.

So I had a goth paint night by myself that started like this


And that ended like this

Hopefully it doesn’t look too terrible with the lights on.

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Jam-packed day of awesome

Long and busy day! Worked till 7 at all star then went to trader bobs for the Friday the 13th shin dig till about 1:30 am. Did so many tattoos today, here’s some of them:





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Things from not too long ago…

Trying to force myself to update this as frequent as possible, so I thought I’d go ahead and post a few things from not too long ago.

Thanks for looking





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Friday the 13th tattoos

This Friday, September 13,2013 Trader Bobs will be doing special 13 tattoos for $13 plus a lucky $7 tip. They’ll be open from 11am til 12pm. Come down and hang out with us.


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